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The Hitman- Sets and Costumes

posted Nov 30, 2011 08:30:10 by MissSauer
Consider where and when you will set your piece. Discuss this with your group (on here, or in person, then post your decisions)
-I would challenge you carefully consider whether or not you can set your piece in Hong Kong. As a young Hong Kong person, how could you reflect on this issue in your own culture? Does it exist here? Also, often, while learning how to devise, it is best to start with what you know!

What sorts of costumes and props will you need? Though we will only be performing an extract from your piece, and you will not be expected to produce something that is fully realised and complete, you may be asked questions to explain your decisions in this area, so it's best to make some first! Discuss this with your group and post your thoughts.

Miss Sauer
'All the world's a stage I'm going through'
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