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The Hit Man- Beginning Ideas and Super-Objectives

posted Nov 28, 2011 01:46:44 by MissSauer
Post a basic description of your group's ideas, including your super-objective, and some developmental ideas. If you have decided on a few scenes, post that too! You may have one main post per group, but I will expect each group member to comment on their own post should something be missing, or something else occurs to you. Each student should comment on each of the other two groups with either a helpful suggestion, a question, or an idea. Due date--> Tuesday Nov. 29
'All the world's a stage I'm going through'
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MissSauer said Nov 29, 2011 11:42:23
Our group: (Natalie Ip, Bianca Chan, Yolanda Yip and Queenie Lau)
SO: There's always a reason for something to happen
Main idea: Mary is a girl who have her parents killed by a hit man. She become a hit man after several years, while a drunk man gave her a photo, a gun and some money to kill a person. She found joy and excitment during killing, and become a professional hit man. She hesitated for a while, but soon she become numb and at last, she hired herself to kill herself.
'All the world's a stage I'm going through'
MissSauer said Nov 30, 2011 08:23:13
This is an interesting idea, but who posted it!? It says it was me oddly enough!

A few questions to consider;
-Why does Mary have her parent's killed?
-Why does she become a hitman?
-What pushes her to kill herself if she enjoys her work?

Miss Sauer
'All the world's a stage I'm going through'
MissSauer said Nov 30, 2011 11:25:21
Group: Angus, Eunice, Eugenia, Nat Ser

(Twice I've posted this in the wrong place. Let's hope it's right this time!)

So, representing the group to post the idea.

Super Objective: some mistakes are irreversible.

Eunice is The man
Angus is The little daughter
Eugenia is Wife (anonymous)
Natalie is the Loan shark / Employer
The victims - a pair of parents (Eugenia and Natalie) and their little kid (Angus)

Scene 1
1- The man fetches daughter from school.

> closeness between man and daughter
> The man -- a loving a father
> daughter -- happy, full of childish innocence, oblivious to their economic situation

2- He receives a phone call from his wife and the wife rants on him. Then she hangs up on him.
> the crack in their relationship caused by the economic struggle
> they've already been through this argument for many times
> The man -- desperate
> wife -- given up on the man

3- The daughter asks the man what's wrong. He says nothing.
> The man is protective of the daughter
> daughter -- completely oblivious

Scene 2
The man is asking the loan shark to postpone the deadline. When asked to give a good reason he babbles and then offers that he'll do anything. The loan shark gives him 2 options: either return the money immediately, or be a hit man for the company.
> The man is so desperate he becomes a hit man, for his daughter.

Scene 3
As the scene starts there are two dead bodies on the floor (the parents), and an overturned table beside them. The man enters and kicks the bodies to check that they're dead and is about to leave, when a noise comes from behind the table. He walks to the table and pulls out the little kid that's been hiding there. The little kid pleads for mercy and then, noticing the bodies of his parents, crawls to one of the bodies and cries over it. The man realises that, whilst he attempts to hold his family together he's actually ruining other people's, and does a mini monologue on his guilt.
> suggestion time: what else should the man talk about? (if you already have a fair idea of what to talk about, Eunice, then I guess this question's settled...)

So, yeah. If I missed anything put that in the comments. Also to my team mates: we need to schedule a time to practice it once more before Monday's lesson!
That's all. Bye~~!

- Eugenia
'All the world's a stage I'm going through'
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